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Every story has a beginning, Pieces by Raeesa Sdn Bhd or Raeesa’s started in 2012 when
founder Erny Yusmiarty Erizal brought her vision to life. Naming the brand after her daughter,
Erny began introducing modern and sophisticated batik wear to the market.
A long-time lover and appreciator of batik styles, Erny uses Raeesa to preserve the design’s
heritage and incorporate it into avant-grade, fashionable styles for the trendy set. Every item
is made to order, as every piece is designed and hand-painted to meet the customer’s exact
specifications. As such, every one of Raeesa’s stunning designs is utterly unique.
With its innovative looks and signature pastel colours, Raeesa has amassed a loyal following
over the years. As the brand continues to grow and evolve. Raeesa plans to take batik in
new and exciting directions for years to come.